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Bread should exist as two different kind of food:
1. Raw Bread (or: Dough)
2. Baked Bread (or simply: Bread)

It would be more similar to reality, where first we must prepare a dough from wheat (in WoC: using our Workbench), and then we should bake it in the Furnace to achieve true Baked Bread.

Now, it is unreal and fictitious, that we can make a bread directly on the Workbench, without using an oven.

The idea of baking a bread is similar to Raw/Cooked food that we already have in the game (ex. Raw Chicken, Cooked Chicken).

Also, the "Raw Bread (Dough)" could restore only 1 porkchop on the Hunger Bar, and the "Baked Bread" would give 2.5 porkchops.

What do you think about it ?

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Good idea,but it not called "porkchops",it's called hunger points,and each "stake" image contains 2 hunger points. But overall,good idea! :D

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The idea is great! I will talk about it with developers! 

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I wonder if solverlabs will allow us to cook eggs to! (Also turkey eggs,and raw/cooked turkey,and raw/cooked mutton(sheep meat) needs to be added).