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I really wanted to play this game. I played it before in my friend's phone. When I wanted to download it from Play Store, I can't find it. So, I suggest World Of Cubes to be available for download in Play Store because some phone cannot use iTunes, Amazon, Mac Store and Google Play. BTW, please make it free...

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Yes, World of Cubes is not available on Google Play now! Soon we will return the app to Google Play! On all other markets the app is available now!

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Why was it removed again?, please bring it back.

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Dear WoC Admin,

I hope you reply me....Its Been Long That I've Been Waited for WoC for windows i hope its free to download but i played in my ipad and my all gadgets but i want in computer in Mac WoC admin i hope this is my wish...................................CryingTragical

Mikemike3321 (not verified)
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It is coming soon to windows