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Dear players online!

You are able to write in the Chat using different colors!

Type 6 symbols (figures, or letters with figures) in brackets and write your message behind it!


[000080] Hello!

Here is a list of the most popular colors and codes:
PeachPuff - FFDAB9
Lavender - E6E6FA
Black - 000000
DimGrey - 696969
Grey - EBEBE
NavyBlue - 000080
DeepSkyBlue - 00BFFF
DarkTurquoise - 00CED1
DarkGreen - 006400
Green - 00FF00
Yellow - FFFF00
Firebrick - B22222
Orange - FFA500
Red  - FF0000
DeepPink - FF1493
DarkViolet - 9400D3

More color's codes you can find by clicking Here.

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I also found out you can color you name but you cant because of forbidden characters is there anyway you can fix this ?

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We can change it but it says its frobidden when we enter multiplayer



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