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I got this idea from being lonely in worlds and had no way to get people to come to my previous world except to advertise it in the chat.

We can get coins for each block we destroy/place. It will cost about 500 coins to Broadcast, which will be sent to 500 random players online.

2,000 coins to **Super Broadcast which will be sent to ALL players online and the text font will be colored.

And if you really want to, you can make a coin store to buy coins as an In-App purchase!


The broadcast box will probably be on the opposite side of the chat box!

To broadcast: Do /broadcast /superbroadcast. Examples: Hey! Come to my cool world!; There is a huge humongous building here!

If you broadcast/advertise, it will show which world you are in. If you tap on the broadcast, you will warp to the world!


Developers, what do you think about this idea? Or, do something similar to this. I really want this feature! It would be so cool!

WoC Fans, what do you guys think about this idea?

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that's a great idea! but i think it will be better if it also apply to singleplayer

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Oh yeah! That would be awesome! But I think there should be an option to deactivate in singleplayer because if you were using a hotspot or limited Wi-Fi data; it would probably use your data! But I think this idea would be so cool!


Ooh! Another idea! Maybe if the developers were playing, they would have an @ symbol next to their username! And they can broadcast for free! For example @Olga @Moderator @leo in: (Paradise) We are creating a new world! Go to woc.solverlabs.com to recieve the password!

Another idea! We can send messages in different worlds! But this would require a friends list. /tell [username] [your message] NO COINS REQUIRED! :D

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That would be awesome :D :D

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MCPlayer is right that's a great idea! but i think it will be better if it also apply to singleplayer  I like good job keeping on building Smile