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World of Cubes updated to v.2.2 on Apple App Store! Modern and Technology texture packs are added!

Hey all! Finally you can get new version of the game for your iOS devices with new texture packs: modern and technology, and other valuable new features. We have also added memory crash warning and ability to adjust View Distance to avoid memory problems on slow devices like iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch. We have added automatically reducing View Distance to avoid memory crashes on slow devices. And we have added other 3D rendering and multiplayer network optimizations! 

FREE World of Cubes released on Amazon Underground Store! All in-app purchases are unlocked! Get it now!

Hey all!  We have released World of Cubes for FREE on Amazon Store! Download the game for FREE for your android and amazon devices! All in-app purchases: skins, compass etc. are unlocked and FREE! Sounds cool, right?