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Hi All Mac OS users!

Upgrade you WoC game to v.1.7 (the same version as current ios v.1.7)!

V.1.7 consist of the previous versions as v. 1.4 + 1.5 + 1.6 on Amazon and iOS.

What's New in version 1.7:

• Added new server side fancy map: NewYear. We wish you Happy New Year 2014!
• Overall Mobs AI improvement in the Survival mode
• Mobs can now jump across the blocks when attacked by the player
• Zombies will now search for dark areas and hide there after the sunrise
• Zombies can now break doors!
• Implemented water movement logic. Your movement will slow down in the water
• Added “Sneak Mode” button. Now you can walk in the “sneak” mode and avoid falling down from high heights
• Improved user controls in the Fly mode. Added “Fly Up” and “Fly Down” buttons
• Added “Upload online” button for all Single player creative maps. Now you can upload all your single player maps to Multiplayer server with the single click
• Options Screen redesign. Group all options into categories.
• Added new option: Hide/Show moving pad controller
• Added new option: Enable/Disable Autojump
• Added new option: Lock Screen Orientation
• Added new option: Dark Area Brightness level
• Added new option: Enable/Disable Clouds
• Added new blocks: Jack’O’Lantern ( glowing pumpkin ), slab and double slab
• New fancy backgrounds
• Added Help Screen. On this screen you can go directly to our community web site, wiki, forum, Facebook, Twitter pages and YouTube dedicated channel
• 3D performance optimizations
• Added support for split touch controls. Use Options menu to enable it
• Added support for left-handed controls. Use Options menu to enable it
• Added Armor in the Survival mode. Now you can craft and wear Armor on yourself!
• Added Chest. Now you can store your entire inventory in one or many places
• Added new aggressive mob: Pumpkin head!
• Chicken mobs now can drop eggs
• A new chicken now can spawn from the dropped egg
• Added more mobs and animals in the Survival mode
• Implementing mobs breeding
• Implementing mobs luring
• Zombie movement fixes and optimizations
• Added Sun, Moon and night stars to the Sky in the Survival mode
• Added small probability of Nightmares
• UI improvements. Now all crafting windows like Furnace, Craft, Chest, and Inventory go full screen
• Added Options item to all game menus
• Added more skins for Multiplayer game: King, Queen, Vampire, Zombie
• Remove unused blocks from the Creative Multiplayer mode
• New models for Multiplayer characters
• Memory optimizations
• Added sounds for player damages
• Minor fixes
• Survival mode on the infinite maps!
• Added aggressive mobs (Zombies) that appear only during the night in Survival mode
• Added Lives and Hunger in Survival mode
• Added Furnace block and new recipes for it
• Added ability for the player to Eat in Survival mode
• Added more friendly and passive mobs in Survival mode
• Added items Durability
• Improved and optimized 3D look of all mobs
• New vivid 3D icon
• Fixed "low memory" problem on some of the old iOS devices
• Small bugs fixes