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Wasn't it also removed in winter/spring but got brought back in June and not so while ago it got removed again, why was it removed and will it be brought back?

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Hey! The game was removed by Google Play, we will back the game soon! Now you can download it from Getjar or SlideMe App Stores!

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So...i seen that Worldcraft 2 wasn't made by solverlabs,and it even says developer address,and I saved it to Google maps,and the country is Ukraine.but however,I forgot the street and stuff but I seen a picture of the exact location,and there's a small shed-like building,some park,and a bunch of apartments.I believe that developer lives in one of the rooms of the apartments!so if solverlabs has another account or company name,I actually know the address of the game!cool right?don't worry!I'm not a stalker,and I don't think I would be able to make it across to the other side of the world. Ukraine is in Europe.this probably slightly got off topic about Worldcraft2. xD