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Hey there, Welcome to the World of Cubes Forum! Enjoy your time here!

- If you want to post a picture of you feel free to do it!
- Make friends!
- Do not insult or harass any other users which is introducing her/himself.
- Please try to avoid personal information in your introduction topic (address, phone number etc.).
- Follow the General Rules
- Try to welcome the new members if you are an old member!

And that's it to the newcomers Welcome to WoC Forum and if you are new and got any doubt, please write me or continue reading below!

If you have any question of any kind that relate to WoC, please create a topic:
- Click on the gree button "+ New topic", that located in the top left of the page
- Make a title on what the subject of your question is
- Ask your question in understandable format
- Click the "Save" button on the lower left hand side of the page

Want to add your comments on an existing thread?
- Open the thread
- Click on green button "Add comment"
- Type in what you want to say

Want to reply to certain person's post? Do this by following this steps:
- Find the post you want to reply to
- Click the "Reply" button lower right side of that post
- Type the message you want to reply with to that post!

Want to reply to multiple people's posts in the same reply?
- Go to the beginning of the thread
- Click on green button "Add comment"
- Type in what you want to say

Want to customize your account?
- Go to your Profile page
- Click on Edit button
- Upload your profile picture, add your character's name, fill in the field about yourself!

Want to talk to someone privately?
- Go to profile of the person you want to talk to privately
- Click "Send message" button, that located on the right side of their profile, under their profile picture
- Add Subject/Title to your messages and actual message

Some people have different titles inside their avatar. What determines that?
- This is determined by the number of posts you have. Here is a list:
Junior Member - 0 - 30 posts
Member - 31 - 50 posts
Senior Member - more than 50 posts

Want to edit your post? 
- Find your post you want to edit
- Click on "Edit" button that located above your post
- Change the text to what you want it to say, and click "Save" button

Want to add pictures to your posts?
- Click on image button
- Click on "Browser Server" button on the pop-up menu window

- Choose image you want to upload from your files
- Click on "Upload" button on the next pop-up window
- Click on image, you have already uploaded on the pop-up menu
- Click on "OK" button

Want to add videos to your posts?
- Find "Add video" section, that located above your Comment Body
- Enter video url to "Video Url"
- Click on "OK" button

Take a minute to read General Forum Rules: http://woc.solverlabs.com/content/general-forum-rules-please-read-posting

Please try to read the Stickers, that located on the top of every Sub-forums, before posting! 

Have fun here, and make new friends ;)