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Ok i have some ideas, i know  everyone is talking about survival multiplayer but nobody descibed what they wanted. So i think there should be a separate column on the main screen for multiplayer for survival and there should be 4 or 5 pepole who go and into survial and they are together when they start, and insted of thexting they could just talk to eachother. Texting takes time .

  My next idea is like if pepole are on the same wifi they could make stuff             together insted of making a world and you have to be connected to that wifi to get in.       

And my last idea is, it takes long to remove blocks especily if your little brother messes up stuff sometimes. So you could just select the block you want to remove and  press a button! Oh and in creative you can chose a pet ! And in  survial , as someone said before, we could tame a pet by giving them there favorite food and they could help you fight and if they are tamed, they should have more lives! Thats all for now!