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Nicecastle, used to be a full server at least 40 people would join when that was the limit . I met so many of my friends there. Lets make nicecastle good again lets build it back up from the ground . Nicecastle was my very first world to join, Im there everyday . Please Join and try it for yourself! We are all back! -Hiccup,goldengirl,Jason,Annabella,Bc9914,Jard,princessDena,Babylola,Lola,Rani,Dani,AngelPrincess.ShadowDragon. Peglegs, AlexMason.PrincessKadence.Carey


Come On!Lets all try again its been about 6 years of us all together . Lets all meet again. My very best friends . This world can be joined on World Of Cubes and Worldcraft. We all look forward to meeting new people.

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Hey! Great idea! Guys, join this open group and build nice castle.

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So the world name is Nicecastle? 

But this is read - only world.

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The share of Nicecastle is very good and very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.

Temple run

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Used to hang at nicecastle and Adventuretimeooo ALL the time in my early WC days. Lol that was really pre I had my character all worked out or really understood what roleplay was, But I rememebr How to train your dragon, naruto, The Lorax, Percy jackson, and supernatural themes were REALLY big back then. Hard to tell what the trends ar ethese days as there hardly seems to be anything quite as brash and brazen as the themes of back yonder when the player limit was 20.  lol. I might pop in and see how things are of late.