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It was a very popular world with alot of likes and many visitors frequently on a dailybasis.

Many of which quit or want to quit now. 

2 days ago it got hacked, deleted and replaced with someone's else work.

My friends missed it so much that they made a new version yesterday, this one to got deleted today when reaching 600 likes.

What can I do?

Best wishes/HappyBuilder :-)

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Hey! Whats the name of your world?

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The original world was named stripclub4 with over 155000 likes.

Then it got hacked and replaced with a fake world with 680 likes but people quit and don't like it.

Could you delete it so I can have my original world and likes back?

If not, I created the same world but named Stripclub404.

Thanks for the help, me and my friends would be really happy to have it back! :-)