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HMM so uhh how are u guys,if some of u knows me uhh can u reply.Uhh hey its me Shinko Or SinhoodedVampire or just sin from COMMUNITY VILLAGE,VAMPIRE PALACE, AND BEST STRIP CLUB XD kidding , i play mostly at Vampire palace uhh HEY I JUST WANNA say Hi to MY cute Friend Whitetiger x3 i hope u Remember me,n Some folks i from vampire palace i hope u know me I love ya ALL guys muuuaah :* xDDD  i wanna say hi to Olga.. c; hi olga n from other players who helps build Community buildings THANK U THANK u for Wonderful creations lol :3 Ok so Wc is doing great yeah i can say its perfct but its not rlly that perfect lol pls add more blocks,fences n other stuffs .. c; love u SOLVERLABS OH MAH GAWD  Lol OH HI AERIS MY BESTFRIEND I HOPE U READ THIS ;-; I MISS U SO MUCH  n I WANNA SAY HI TO MY GIRLFRIEND MIDNIGHTFIGHTER X OH MAH GAWD ur so pretty lolol x3 bye thats all lololol