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So how I think WoC's storyline goes is,it was once earth,but then the appoculipse,happens,and zombies attacked,structures got destroyed,FARM ANIMALS RUN LOOSE,our "hero"(the player)somehow gets knocked out,and years later,the player wakes up,and farm animals became "wild",i can guess? But would they really be THAT common?
So I think solverlabs should make it to that chickens,pigs,cows,sheep,dogs,cats,and horses are 10% less likely to spawn,and wild animals(wolves,spiders,turkeys,and some new suggested mobs)will 10% more likely to spawn.
So here are a list of a few more farm/wild/hostile(monster) animals to be added...
Farm (domestic) animals:goat,donkey,mule,and duck.

Wild animals:bobcat,ocelot,wild boar,bird,mouse,deer,beetle,worm,silverfish,cave spider,bat,rat,mouse,lizard,snake,rabbit,Fox, squirrel,buffalo,mountain lion,porcupine,bear,squid,shark,fish,salmon,clownfish,pufferfish,squirpion,raccoon,brown mooshroom,red mooshroom,white mooshroom,and hawk.

Monster mobs(undead):skeleton,female zombie,female pumpkin head,armored male zombie, armored female zombie,armored skeleton,mummy,carbonized skeleton,zombie dog,zombie cat,zombie turkey,zombie wolf,zombie spider,zombie pig,zombie chicken,zombie cow,zombie sheep,zombie horse,zombie goat,zombie donkey,male cure-able zombie,female cure-able zombie,male cure-able pumpkin head,female cure-able pumpkin head,zombie pigman,and zombie Cowman.

Monster mobs(living):bomb monster,advanced pumpkin monster,grass monster,dirt monster,wood monster,gravel monster,sand monster,stone monster,ore monster,slime,killer rabbit,and super-charged living bomb.

NPCS.:male human,female human,pigman,and Cowman(all 4 of the NPCS.,are only obtained by curing the undead versions of them).