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Basically smaller wolves with tan-ish fur,that spawns in desserts,and mesas,and in addition to what wolves attack,will also attack camels.and make all same sounds as wolves.and drop fur.and are neutral mobs that give you 1 heart of damage,when it attacks you.

They spawn in desserts,and rarely Savannahs,can be ridden on if they have a saddle on,breed by cactus,dead bushes,or grass,and destroy the block versions of those to,and make camel honk-like sounds.and drop raw beef(random idea right?),and saddle(if it was wearing one when it died),on death.and have 12 health.and are passive mobs.

Almost exactly like Canada geese,but ducks are brown with a couple dark specks around them,have yellow feet,and an Orange bill,fly at maximum of 26 blocks above sea level,drop raw duck(cooked duck if death by fire),feathers,on death,and when alive,duck eggs.makes quack sounds,and all animals that will kill geese will kill ducks.and they have 4 health.and spawns in all warm,vegetation filled areas,and eats and breeds by the same things as Canada geese.and are passive mobs.

a very common mob,with 4 health,either basis in the sun,cools of in the shade,or tries to eat worms,beetles,and silver fish(silverfish are scared of lizards and don't attack them),while avoiding to be eaten by birds,wolves,ocealots,coyotes,bears,bats,and some other mobs.drops scales,and bone shards,breed by worm,beetles,or raw/cooked silverfish,and can climb on walls.and are passive mobs.and skins are in Gray,Brown,and green.

A mob with 6 health,has armor protection(by it's shell)so it's harder to kill,wolves,ocelots,bears,coyotes,and few other animals,will kill turtles,turtles destroys lilly pads,water plants,and grass,and breed by those to.iron and diamond swords will automatically kill turtles when hit by it,because those are the only things that don't give the turtle some resistance when attacking them,so those 2 swords are it's weakness.when killed drops scales,raw turtle(cooked if death by fire),shell,and bone shards.and they have less damage resistance if you flip them upside down by having in empty handed and holding your finger down on the screen at them.do the same thing again,to flip it back right side up.and spawn most often in swamp,and jungle biomes.and are passive mobs.

20:sea turtle:
Has twice as less armor protection as land turtles,spawns on all forms of beaches,shore of tropical,reef,and ocean biomes,have 10 health,destroys seaweed,water plants,and sea sponges,and kills jellyfish,which is also the things used to breed them.sharks,barracudas,and killer whales(Orca) will kill sea turtles,they are found at elevation levels of 2 blocks above sea level,to 30 blocks below sea level,and the skins this mob has is based off of green,leather back,logger head,and hawksbill sea turtles.and are passive mobs.

They spawn in all forested biomes(including cold ones),have 10 health,destroy grass,moss,flower,and the grass on dirt with grass blocks,and are breed with grass,flower,and moss,drops raw vinicen(cooked if death by fire),bone shards,fur,and antlers(from male moose,and deer only),wolves,bears,and zombies will kill deer,there are male and female deer(can't breed 2 males together or 2 females together,has to be 1 male and 1 female,like zombies,pumpkin heads,villagers,and Moose),female deer don't have antlers(like female Moose),and are neutral mobs that give you 1 heart of damage when they attack you.makes deer snorting sounds.

The donkeys will be exactly like horses,but horses(tamed)can wear saddles,and horse armor,and donkey(tamed)can wear saddles,and chest,donkeys and horses could now also eat/breed by carrots/golden,apples/golden,sugar,grass,and hay bales to(more than just wheat),and when a horse and a donkey breed together will give you a mule,which can only breed with other mules,and mules,can wear horse armor,saddles,and chest! But it takes 5 game days for a baby mule to grow up to an adult,and donkeys and horses have the same amount of health,and Mules have 20 health.donkeys will eat wild carrots,and wild wheat.donkeys,and Mules make that donkey sound.

A neutral mob that attacks many small animals,wolves,snakes,bears,and hyenas will kill vultures,and when vultures die drop bones,feathers,and raw bird(cooked if death by fire),they have 8 health,spawns in desserts,mesas,and Savannah biomes.And give you 1.5 hearts of damage each time it attacks you.and makes vulture "cawing" sounds.

A neutral mob,that can give of 1 heart of damage each time it attacks you,and has a 10%chance of giving you the wither effect,can spawn in any warm,hot,or cooler places(redwood forest,pine forest,birch forest)makes a hissing sound,likes to hide in grass,ferns,flowers,under trees,or in 2 block tall grass,ferns,and flowers,but also in the sun basking to,vultures,wolves,and bears,kill snakes,has 8 health,kills vultures,mice,rats,rabbits,birds,lizards,chickens,turkeys,ducks,bats,Canada geese,and a few more mobs.also,they have multiple skins to.

And that's it for now,see you guys in the next forum!