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Added a new female default skin named Alexandra,and it would look like the Alex skin from Minecraft,but with a cyan colored shirt.and the original default skin on here based of Steve from Minecraft(Red)can be renamed to Steven to give it an actual human name.and please add an animal,sea creature,and Minecraft skin pack to the game.

15.update on hoe tilling dirt with grass block:
When a hoe tills a dirt with grass block,it should have a chance to get you seeds...wheat seeds,12.5% beetroot seeds,9% tomato seeds,6% potato,6% carrot,4% sapling(depends on biome for any tree other than normal&oak trees),6% worm(normally weather),6% worm(when raining),10% and then nothing(no seeds or other things will spawn,40%

16.enchanting,and potion brewing.