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Here's a quick fact for the corals for WoC:they spawn 4 reef fish(except lion fish,box fish,stone fish,and lion fish)of random every 6 game days...cool right? :D

31.moorish idol:
A passive reef fish with 4 health,it's coloration is a white butterfly fish specie with black stripes and has some faded yellow(if solverlabs adds this mob,I suggest that they look up a picture of a moorish idol on Google...just saying),and has the same AI of butterfly fish,and their drops are the same to(just with gold ingot drop chance at 0.5% instead,they also spawn in the same biomes to.

32.royal gamma:a passive little fish with 2 health,it's coloration is that half of it's purple,and the other half's yellow(head end purple,tail fin end yellow...solverlabs should search what it looks like on Google if they add . This reef fish),spawns in Ocean,reef,tropical,beaches,stone beaches,and mangrove swamp biomes,and they have the same AI as gobies(in section 10 which means same drops,spawn numbers,kill/destroy the same things to survive hunger,AI,same mobs will kill them,size,& more but however won't spawn near lobsters in any percent chance,and by the way, gobies and royal gammas aren't related fish specie groups).

33.box fish:a "box" shaped neutral mob(attacks my spraying wither effect particles thet effect any mob entity in a range of 3 blocks from the box fish when attacked)(real life ones spray a poisonous chemical,that in an aquarium,could kill out all the other fish),when killed drop raw pufferfish(cooked if death by fire),and a wither potion(4%),have multiple skins,and spawn in ocean,reef,tropical,and mangrove swamp biomes,they kill shrimp,lobsters,clams,and crab,and destroy sea weed.all mobs that will kill pufferfish will kill box fish.

34.Sardine:a passive mob with 4 health,that spawns In all ocean related biomes except trench biomes,they spawn in groups of 22-38,most predatory ocean creatures will kill sardines,and sardines will kill shrimp and destroy algae,and on death drop raw sardine(cooked if death by fire).

35.foxface:a passive reef fish with 4 health,spawns in ocean,reef,tropical,kelp forest,and mangrove swamp biomes,on death drop raw fish(cooked if death by fire),kill shrimp,destroys algae,and plenty of predatory ocean creatures will kill foxface fishes.

36.Stone fish:a hostile mob,that causes 2.5 hearts of damage,and wither for 7.5 seconds,drops everything lion fish do,and spawns (rarely)In tropical biomes,and (slightly uncommon) in stone beaches.it would be one of the deadliest mobs in WoC! :o

Ok that's it for now,stay tuned for section 12!