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So today i'm talking about some of the smaller(mostly invertebrate)aquatic mobs that Solverlabs could add into WoC....

23.shrimp:it's a mob that spawns in all ocean related biomes(ocean,deep ocean,trench,reef,mangrove swamp,beach,stone beach,kelp forest,and tropical biomes)along with swamp biomes,have only 2 health,are passive mobs,swims faster than the player in water(like other aquatic creatures,but when they are after shrimp,they swim after them faster than they're usual swimming speed),have multiple skins,are one of the main food sources in the Marine environment that isn't a plant block,or a small fish specie,on death drop 1 raw shrimp(cooked if death by fire),and the raw meat can be cooked in a furnace,raw shrimp is used to breed a large amount of Marine species,but shrimp can't be breed by the player,but go by the same breeding method as mobs like zombies,boar,rats,and spiders,if the mob doesn't see the player for a few seconds,it will go into love mode,in swamp biomes they'll spawn in groups of 6-10 shrimp,in any other biome they spawn in,they are in groups of 8-20 shrimp,and almost every marine animal would kill shrimp.

24.crab:they are very similar to shrimp(including spawn locations and amount),have 2 health,have multiple skins,are neutral mobs that give you 0.5 hearts of damage each time it attacks you(they can pinch you! xD),have the same breeding method as shrimp,and plenty of other mobs,plenty of mobs(not all however example:tangs don't kill crab,but can kill shrimp),that kill shrimp,will also kill crab with a more additional mobs to worry about(example:triggerfish kill crabs,but not shrimp),and on death,will drop 0-6 raw crab legs,0-2 raw crab claws,and 1 raw crab(all cooked if death by fire...Cool right?!),and the meat can be cooked in the funace,and a larger,hostile mob version lives in deep ocean,and trench biomes named "giant Japanese spider crab",a passive crab mob that spawns in trench biomes named "yeti crab",another neutral crab mob that spawns in stone beaches named "spider crab",and another passive crab mob that can spawn in beach biomes named "horse shoe crab",and all 5 crab mobs are considered animal mobs,and have seprate entity IDs,and (when it's added)have different spawn eggs.

25.Lobsters:they spawn in ocean,deep ocean,reef,kelp forest,and stone beaches biomes,are neutral mobs that give you 1 heart of damage each time it attacks you,has 4 health,not as many animals kill them,but lobsters will kill shrimp(which are also used to breed them),have multiple skins,on death drop 0-6 lobster legs,0-2 lobster claws,and 1 raw lobster(all cooked if death by fire),and can be cooked in the funace.and there is a 2nd but passive lobster mob that spawns in swamp,and mangrove swamps named "Crayfish"which are 2 seprate mobs(like the thing with crabs).

26.sea horses:are slow passive mobs with 4 health,attach there selves to seaweed some times,will kill shrimp(which is also used to breed them),starts to starve twice as fast as any other mob(unless a currently un-existing option,"hungrier animals" is turned off,because then animals won't stave to death,not drop meat items when a predatory mob kills the prey(will still drop meat items if killed by tamed animals),or destroy plant blocks in the world's environment,however,certain mobs still kill other certain mobs,and by default would be turned on to make a more realistic environment),seahorses will spawn in reef,kelp forest,mangrove swamps(I forgot to mention certain reef fish could spawn in that biome to),and tropical biomes,spawns in numbers of 1-5,large predatory fish mobs will kill sea horses,on death drop 0-3 bone shards,And there's another seahorse mob that spawns in reef biomes with only 2 health,and drop 0-1 bone shards named "pygmy seahorse".

27.starfish(sea star):a slow little passive mob with 1 heath,spawns in all ocean related biomes,with multiple skins,a few mobs will kill sea stars,sea stars will kill clams,sea urchins,on death drop 1 starfish(used as decoration),and can attach to walls and ceilings.

28.sea urchins:a extremely slow passive mob with 1 heath(if you punch a sea urchin with you're hand,or a mob that isn't a sea star,triggerfish,pufferfish,spider crab,giant Japaneese spider crab,seal/sea lion or sea otter attacks an urchin,they will get wither effect for 3.5 seconds),have multiple skins(standard black,navy blue,red,brown,purple,dark magenta,and dark green),destroy giant kelp and sea weed,has the same breeding method as shrimp and multiple other mobs,sea stars,groupers,sharks,squid/octopus,seal/sea lions,lobsters,triggerfish,spider crab,Japanese spider crab,pufferfish,and sea otters will kill sea urchins,sea urchins can attach their selves to ceilings,and walls of blocks,like sea stars,clams,crabs and some blocks that in real life are life forms(sea anemone,coral,sponge,sea weed,algae,and water plants),on death will drop a raw urchin(cooked if death by fire,if you you eat it raw,it will instantly kill you! :o)and can be cooked in the furnace. raw urchin is another thing to use to brew a wither potion.

29.clams:they are a stationary mob that spawns in all ocean related biomes,have multiple skins,has a 2nd clam mob named "oyster" and a 3rd HUGE one that spawns in reefs only named "Giant Clam",doesn't starve(like crabs,and shrimp),and plenty of mobs will kill clams,and on death,will drop 2 shells(used as decoration),a pearl (10% chance),and 1 clam meat,and when cooked in the furnace,will get you clam rings(which are SOOOO GOOD! :D).

30.goby: a passive little fish with 2 health,that will spawn in both types of swamps,tropical biomes,beach,stone beach,reef,and ocean biomes,they spawn in groups of 8-20,kill shrimp,and destroy sea weed,many kinds of aquatic life will kill gobies,gobies are one of the most fastest swimming fish(in docile aquatic mob swimming speed)in WoC,sometimes 2-5 gobies will spawn next to a lobster,and on death,drop 0-6 bone shards,and raw fish (cooked if death by fire).

And that's it for now stay tuned for section 11!