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Ok so i started a server called city 5 from a creative world i started and ive been working on it in single player and i wasnt finished building what i did in single player and it says you dont have permission to build here even tho i was the one who started the world plz fix this. :-(

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Dear minecraftfan! You have to know, that the game has a Spawn Zone in Multiplayer - where no one (even the owner of the map), can't build! Single Play Mode hasn't Spawn Zone! That's why I recomend you to build something in the Spawn Zone in your Single Mode and then keep working on the map in Multiplayer!

P.S. When you receive the message: "You haven't permition for this area", this message mean that you are in the Spawn Zone!

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Ok thanks i was wandering why that was happening :-) .

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Oooh. That awnsered Everything.. Thanks! C:

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