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Dear crafters,

There are 3 ways to protect your maps in Multiplayer:

1st way is to upload the map as read - only in Multiplayer.
So what does it mean? The read-only map is kind of maps, that can't be edited by nobody, except the owner of the map! Such kind of maps can be just readable or viewable for others!

2nd way is to upload the map with password in Multiplayer.
So what does it mean? The map with password is kind of maps, that can be editable by everyone who know the password! Such kind of maps can't be viewable for others, before they enter the password!

3th way is to upload the map as read-only with password in Multiplayer.
So what does it mean? The read-only maps with password is kind of maps, that can't be edited by nobody, except the owner of the map! Such maps can't be viewable for others, before they enter the password!

P.S. If you don't know how to upload the map to Multiplayer, please read this thread: How to upload a map to Multiplayer?

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There're various ways to protect your map as you can do this with a security code or with the read-only version. But, if you want to add more protection so add your map with security code and read-only version simultaneously as I do for my products like buy game of thrones leather jacket. The map is like the battlefield as it has many useful AI opponents of modes. 

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