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The Final City will be no ordinary map. Instead, this map will every floor possible in each building. The Final City is 15% complete and is planned to be released Dec. 24 or 25. At the latest, however, it should be released in early February 2017. So, until then I got some work to do. Tell your friends about it and, I will see you then. If you have any ideas or want anything in this description to be changed please tell me!

Hi this is iWindowsFan, I know its been awhile since I posted this. As you all know, Christmas was rolling around at the time. So like a lot of people with older devices, I got a new one. Ever since then I have barely touched my iPad. However, I am planning on getting it for my new phone, where I will build a brand new world. I am however going to post the unfinished version online for everyone to play. It is very unfinished with only a few buildings actually finished. So sorry!