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As the title reads, we are working on forming a new Building Group for WOC! It will be named BuildersOfWOC, and will have their own custom building servers, and servers public to all the people of WOC. 


More information


We will have meetings, building contests, ranks, worlds to build freely in; one world for each rank, and if we run out of room, we will make another, custom worlds for the public. If you are not able to attend one of the meetings, that is fine. Meetings will be held in a group chat.




Leader - Self explanitory. This player was the creator of BuildersOfWOC, there may be 1; 2; or 3.

Admin - They are trusted, have been in the group for a while, and are good builders. They have access to the email, and the forum account.

Mod - They are also very trusted, and are good builders. They help new members, and frequently give us building ideas. 

Architect - They have been building a lot for the group, and are good at what they do.

Expert - They are good at what they do and have amazing ideas.

Skilled - They are good at what they do.

Advanced - This is the starting out rank, in-order to join the group you must prove to us you have what it takes. To rank up, you must show us improvement and that you are good at what you do.

In-order to earn any of the ranks above, you must 1) Help 2) Have good ideas, and building skills 3) Be trusted.

If we have any reason to suspect you copied your builds, we will remove you from the group.

Contact details

YouTube - Coming soon!

Email - BuildersOfWOC@gmail.com

Leader email - embikittyyolo@gmail.com

Last but not least; How to join/Application format!

Finally we get to the how to join, and application format part! In-order to join, you must send me, EmbiKittyYOLO, an application in which will be looked over.

Application format - 

1) What is your WOC username?

2) What is your email?

3) What are your intentions of joining us?

4) On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate your building skills?

5) Approximately how long have you been playing WOC?

6) Please attach a screenshot of one of your builds. (IF WE FIND OUT YOUR BUILD WAS COPIED/NOT BUILT BY YOU, WE WILL DENY YOU.)

7) Extra information you would like us to know.

After you have submitted to us an application, and you have been accepted, we will give you the name and password to our worlds, and send you a copy of the rules and info. 


That concludes this thread! Have a nice day and happy building.