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Here is the first world I have created, which is called VolcanicFort. It has a huge castle containing a kitchen, a garden, a diamond tower which has the king and queen's bedroom in it, and a banquet hall (dining area). It also has a volcano (Hence the name), a beach, but the rest is up to you to discover! Here is my story I have for it: The king and queen as well as the rest of the castles's inhabitants are all nobile people. In this kingdom, all are treated well by the king and queen, and there are very few enemies of it and its people. In this peaceful place, crime and negative commotion such as protests and riots are rare.This is because most agree and comply with the law, and those who do not (Who are uncommon themselves) are typically kicked out as to not cause any more trouble. Sometimes, the royalty will throw parties or eat meals in the banquet hall (A couple of their favorite foods are watermelon and wheat). Though this castle is empty when you go to it, the royal pair in addtion to the rest of the citizens have not deceased or are not in any kind of trouble. The jolly and moral people are in a hunting party for more food, and will not be back for a while. Anyway, have fun, everybody! P.S. I have built a secret mine on this map (BTR, don't tell anyone), but I have covered it up so no one can find it. If I can get 20 likes on the world (Please don't like continuously just so I unlock it), I will uncover it! If nobody can find it after I unlock it, I will make a YouTube play through of the map, including the location of the said mine!