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How to tame pets i need help

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You cant as far as I know.

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This feature will be added soon be patient.

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Trains and boats should be added and saddles to ride horses in multiplayer and survival and on multiplayer they should have flying horses

Who agree with me am I right or am I wrong say yes if I'm right say no if I'm wrong

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Yes ,flowing water too

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Yes i agree whitetiger

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Yaay minecraftfan go to a world called theenchantedgate

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Me too who new we had something in common I just dig a deep hole then just trap them in there and cover the top 

hawqe The best YT
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You cant tame cats and dog only

-give cow,sheep,horse wheat
-give turkey,chiken seed(get seed by grass)

Remember! Wolf not eat meat if you give them by hitting they will kill you

click animal to feed them

hawqe The best YT
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Give 2 animal food and get babg

Example: there 2 horse feed the 2 horse

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hawqe The best YT, what about pigs

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You can't tame/breed a cat/dog.  However, you can trap one in your house to make it feels like a pet.


Here is how you do it...


If you see a cat you would like to pet, dig a hole (2 square deep) to trap it initialy.  Afterwards, dig a tunnel (2 square deep) from the trap to your house, and push the cat all the way to your house  (^^" push means push literatlly, i.e. you standing behind the cat, and move forward ).  Though it's a messy task, but it can be don.


Here is my cat trapped in a wall-embed cabinet...




By the way, the look of a trapped will change every time you reload the game.

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Cool XD

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yes, i did the same, i got a cat and it changes every day, one day is gray, the other is blonde and the other is white with black, i used to have a lot of horses bu a lost them all, now i got 8 cowns

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> i used to have a lot of horses bu a lost them all, now i got 8 cowns


The reason to lossing horses deep down is a programming bug of this game.

I guess... horses and cows occupy 2x2 square spaces to move around, and just got a single coordinates to indicate their position.  So, they can get half of their body inside the wall.  When you load the game while they are half way in, they can go all the way into the wall and permanently stuck inside the wall (In case your wall is one square thick, they will be relocated to the wall outside).  In either case, you are lossing them.  That's why none left eventually.

There is simply way to get around this bug.  Put some isolated blocks to form an inner boundary in your fenced area.  The isolated blocks are one square above the floor, one square away the wall of the fenced area, and one square away from each other  (^^" just like a floating dash line).  In this way, the program can figure out where to put the cattles if they are about to stuck into the wall.

By doing this, I got so many cattles to a point that I'm not interested to breed them anymore, and they just stuck in the fenced area indefinitely.

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Can you show this on the screenshot?

Worldcraft Epic
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You can tame cow horse chiken and sheep

You can't tame cat or dog
P.S you can trap them

How to tame cow sheep and horse:
By wheat click at the animal

How to tame chiken and turkey
By seed click at the animal

You also can breed them!
How to breed: by feed same animal. Example:

Cow+cow=baby cow
Feed them before the heart gone

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Someone,please add in the ability to tame animals. (And I know you can breed SOME animals)