World of Cubes updated to v2.5 on Mac Store!

Good news everybody! 

We have updated World of Cubes to v.2.5 on Mac Store! Yay! 

What's New in Version 2.5 for Mac Store players:
- Completely new UI and tons of new features
- New themed Skin Packs with 24 new skins in every pack. Total of more than 160 skins for Multiplayer and Survival modes!
- NEW 3D models for survival mode Mobs! Enjoy diversity of new Mobs in Survival games
- 3 different textures for every Mob 
- New chat system. Now you can see all past messages and scroll through them!
- NEW Block Texture Pack with a total of 4 Texture Packs to select from directly inside the game
- Added in Game Shop. Now you can improve your gaming experience by purchasing various items and features inside the game
- Shop: Now you can resurrect after death in Survival mode!
- Shop: Added ability to buy compass for Survival and Multiplayer modes. You can navigate easily with the compass in the infinite World of the Survival mode
- Shop: Can’t find Diamond or Gold ingots in Survival? Now you can buy them using coins in the Survival mode
- Multicolor Chat feature! Now you can customize the color of all your messages in Multilayer Mode!
- Added ability to change your skin directly in the Multiplayer game without the need to exit to the main screen
- Added Chat Parental Control. Password protect your children from chat in "Options->Multiplayer" screen with a single click
- Added “Players List” button to the HUD in the Multiplayer mode
- “Players List” window redesign
- “Players List”: now you can see skins of all online players
- “Players List”: now you can see all past messages of the online players
- “Players List”: all player names are sorted alphabetically now for easier searching
- 3D rendering and multiplayer mode optimizations

Look on Screenshots to v.2.5 below: 

Download the game from Mac Store now!