World of Cubes with v2.5 now available on Apple Store! Enjoy diversity of NEW Mobs in Survival Games now!

Good news, players!

We have finally released a new update with v2.5 on Apple App Store! We have added new 3d mobs textures with 3 different models for every mob!

All new 3d models are cool, fresh, unique, cute! We hope you will love these new mobs models!

Also try every 4 Block Texture Packs while playing and choose your favorite one! Change Block Texture Packs directly inside the game via "Menu--Options--Texture Pack"!

Please give us your feedback to the new update in comments!  

The game gets better and better with each update! Now enjoy the game with better graphics and new 3d mobs models! 

Watch promo video to v2.5 below! 

Download the game with v2.5 from Apple App Store now!