World of Cubes updated to v.2.0 on Apple App Store and Amazon App Store! Try New Excited Features!

Hi all! 

We are so glad to announce that a new HUGE LONG-AWAITED UPDATE for World of Cubes now ready to download on Apple and Amazon! Tons of new excited features were added to new version 2.0! 

Added themed Skin Packs with 24 new skins in every pack. Total of more than 160 skins for Multiplayer and Survival modes! Added ability to change your skin directly in the Multiplayer game without the need to exit to the main screen! Added New Blocks Texture Pack: MEDIEVAL. Now you can choose between 2 texture packs in the Options! Added new blocks: Sand, Windows, Iron Trapdoor, Cell Door, Wooden Trapdoor, Fence Blocks!

Added in Game Shop. Now you can improve your gaming experience by purchasing various items and features inside the game! Added ability to buy compass for Survival and Multiplayer modes. You can navigate more easily with the compass in the infinite World of the Survival mode and you will not lose your house any more! Added ressurection feature to Survival Mode, after using this feature you will not lose all your items in Survival Mode! Get this feature in the Game Shop for coins! Added Multicolor Chat feature! Now you can customize the color of all your messages in Multilayer Mode! 

You can Record your own game play videos in Survival or Multiplayer modes and share them to the Everyplay community! Yay! 

Added “Players List” button to the HUD in the Multiplayer mode! Also we have redesign “Players List” window, so now you can see skins of all online players and all past messages of the online players! Also we have sorted all player names alphabetically for easier searching! Improved Map Search functionality for Multiplayer Mode! Fixed large UI control buttons on the iPad devices and more! 

We are hoping that you like new update! Please leave your feedback to the new version of the game in the comments below! 

Watch World of Cubes Promo Video to new version 2.0 below or on YouTube:




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Red's picture
Red Sat, 01/09/2016 - 13:43

can u get dis game on windows 10

Xan's picture
Xan Sun, 01/10/2016 - 19:07

When will this update e available for Windows 10 version?

Olga's picture
Olga Mon, 01/11/2016 - 10:47

Hey! We have to test this version before release! It takes time, when it be ready - i will post a news to all World of Cubes Official social pages, and to this site! Stay tuned!