WoC Video Contest "Why i love WoC?" Winners

Today we have chosen the winners of the World of Cubes Video Conest! All received videos are awesome and deserve to be watched on Youtube, check it out by clicking Here.

Below you will find the winning works! Congratulation!

1st place - "Why I love Worldcraft? Challenge" by BeastBoy107 (won +500 likes)

2nd place - "What I like About WorldCraft" by EskimoRave (won +300 likes)

3rd place - "Who loves World of Cubes?" by Randall (won +200 likes)

4th place - "Contest Entry: Why I Like WorldCraft!" by Water Pup! (won +50 likes)






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randall Mon, 11/02/2015 - 15:51

Beastboys video does not exist!

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Olga Fri, 11/13/2015 - 11:33

Maybe the video is not available by that URL any more!

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randall Sun, 11/29/2015 - 17:21

Mabey and also check your inbox

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Rodolfospencerb Sun, 03/29/2020 - 12:51

Video contest is now live here. Some of you can see it live but those who are not here they cannot see it live, But i have another plan for them where i share recorded video which also contain all https://xpertwriters.com/how-to-start-compare-and-contrast-essay/ material for them.

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saeed20 Sun, 07/26/2020 - 08:52