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who is better? Green, Blue or Lime Zombie?

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I think, that blue zombro is better

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I have to agree with MettatonEX. For whatever reason, I've always liked blue better than green.

By the way, how do you have pumpkins without faces in your inventory? Are they on the computer version, but not on mobile or is there an update I missed?

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Maybe.. texturepack?

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Because this is just pumpkins, not jack'o'lanterns :) kill pumpkin heads and gather pumpkins :)

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Warrior27t,any texture pack other than default on WoC,has faceless pumpkins.on the other hand,PoC Survival Multiplayer,has faceless pumpkins,which makes sense,now that there's pumpkin seeds/crops,that grow pumpkin blocks,and pumpkins can be found in nature since the first update!

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I like more lime zombie! Unusual!

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I think the blue zombies are best! Their like the zombie overlords! xD And for some reason,in my WoC theory,pumpkin heads are just blue zombies tooken over by a pumpkin monster that attaches and covers the zombie's head,and once the pumpkin is gone(should be done by shears later on in future updates),they become just normal blue zombies with iron armor. Also can lime zombies(I call them the Orange shirt-broken jaw zombies),pumpkin heads,baby lime zombies,baby pumpkin heads(they are normal pumpkin head speed,and at chance of 25% they won't be immune to daylight),female green/blue/lime/pumpkin heads,and female baby green/blue/lime/pumpkin heads,to PoC Survival Multiplayer in near upcoming updates? Also make torches slightly brighter,and spiders neutral mobs under torch-and up light levels on PoC Survival Multiplayer in the next update?

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Green skin zombies!!

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Hassan Farrukh
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And for some reason, in my WoC opinion, pumpkin heads are a symbol of green zombies with a pumpkin thigh stuck and covered by a zombie's head, and once the pumpkin is gone (should be done shears later in future updates), Become regular green rabbits with a metal tool. Also lime zombies (I call them broken orange-dried zombies), pumpkin heads, baby metal zombies, baby pumpkin heads (they are usually a headache rate, and at 25% will not be safe during the day), -green green / green / lime / thigh heads, and blue / green / stone / pumpkin heads, to PoC Survival Multiplayer for future updates? Does it make the torches much brighter, and the neutrality scenes are under the torch and the light increase in the PoC Survival Multiplayer in the next update? I need some term paper for her. Warrior27t, any packet full without default on the WoC, has a standalone pump, PoC Survival Multiplayer, has unreliable pumpkin, which makes sense, now that there are pumpkin seeds / cultivars, pumpkin blocks, and pumpkins can be found naturally since. first update!

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