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Downloading Planet of Cubes Online

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Downloading Planet of Cubes Online ..........

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Planet of Cubes because of the compass.


WOC is very close!

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WoC. No offence but to me PoC looks messy because it's an amazing world but its just covered with random blocks that people have griefed all over. Plus WoC has more options to choose from, not only  Multi, but also creative and survival and theres also the huge selection of people's work in Multi that can inspire others (as it has for me many times) and you yourself can show off your builds without people messing it up :)

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Thank you for your comments crafters!

Worldcraft Epic
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Worldcraft Epic
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because.... woc can do u own world

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But on Planet of Cubes you can build your own world on any space on the Planet?

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There are advantages and disadvantages in both of these games.



Can make one world with no griefers and random blocks everywhere.

Showing other people your great work.

Better role play.

Easier to communicate with other people.

A very practical and easy way to find other worlds and people.



Limited very little space.

Not as many of varities of blocks.

No day/night for a more realistic gameplay.




More blocks to build with, easier to be creative.

Vast space.

Alot to explore and meet hundreds of people.




People grief and ruin the world.

It's hard to roleplay with other people.

It's hard to show one's great work, since not many will care to look.


It's hard to choose but I like WoC more, but I'd really love to see some PoC features in WoC!




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Thank you very much for your true opinion! This is really valuable for us!

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I like WoC more but it needs some more things from PoC(Planet of Cubes),and I thought up some ways to obtain them when they are added into WoC:
Ferns:can be found in shaded areas on dirt,and dirt with grass blocks(under trees,under over hangs,and around caves),or by using bonemeal on dirt with grass blocks to spawn them in!when ferns are mined,will sometimes drop wheat seeds like grass does.

Mushrooms:found the same way as ferns,but can be found on any block,slightly rarer,and can even be found in caves.Mushrooms can be farmed by putting them in rooms with light level 12 and darker,or use bonemeal on them,to spawn a giant mushroom,which each block of it you mine,will give you a mushroom of it's type,they can be cooked,smelting red ones will give you red dye,Brown ones will give you brown dye,and white ones (an idea I had,not a block in PoC) will give you light gray dye,and used to make mushroom soup.

More wool colors:
add dye,and the wool colors.And you could dye sheep.

Iron bars&glass panes:
can be crafted by 6 iron ingots,and glass panes will be crafted by 6 glass blocks.

Emerald ore:
Spawns underground starting from 20 blocks above bedrock level,and when villagers are added,will have some trades that give you emeralds!

More wood,and leaves types:
Saplings will sometimes drop when you mine tree leaves,but will also spawn when bonemeal is used on a dirt with grass block,and can spawn more than 1 type of sapling,and is the only way of obtaining most new tree types,and that's how you can first optain the new tree types(trees already existing in the game will not be oak ones,and be a new kind of tree called....tree.Yep.

More flowers:
poppy,rose,dandelion,azue bullet,oxyine daisy,tulips(red,Orange,pink,white,and yellow/already existing flower),blue orchids,and all the rest of the flowers added in PoC's new update will spawn naturally on dirt and dirt with grass blocks,or spawned when bonemeal is used on dirt with grass blocks,and flowers make majority of the dyes in the game.

even if not in PoC's inventory menu,still spawns naturally in the world,so in WoC,will vines will sometimes spawn on wood and leaves blocks,collected by shears,farmable because it spreads to any block next to a vine block,are climbable,like ladders,and can be used to craft 3 string.and sugarcane will spawn next to water,or spawned as a drop in nether reactors,farmable because it grows additional sugarcane blocks the more it grows before there's 4 blocks of sugarcane,but players can place as many more blocks of it on top of another they want untill building limit.used to craft paper,sugar,and sugarcane planks which have the base texture of wood planks,but in shades of white,and these 3 items will be used to craft more things.

And more of the blocks from PoC should be added to WoC so it can be even better than PoC.