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Hi all, here you can discuss new block - Cell Door. Do you like it? 

You need 6 Iron Ingots to craft it! Scientist 

And Zombies can't break this door in Survival Mode! 

More details about this door you can find in WoC Wikia page here: http://wocsolverlabs.wikia.com/wiki/Cell_Door


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It looks similar to iron bars which needs to be added to the game soon! And it will be crafted by 6 iron ingots!also add all creative mode blocks to survival mode worlds please,Eden if you have to add new stuff!stone bricks,slabs,stairs,Machilite block(nether reactor core?),nether items,and brown&yellow wool(but hope new wool colors are added to) can be good for a first!)

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When i said Eden,I meant even.auto correct is on my device and is annoying at the moment! xD