Long awaited Survival Multiplayer Mode is live now on Amazon for FREE!

Finally initial version of the Survival Multiplayer is live and is available only at Amazon App Store for the moment and only for US customers. 

Stay tuned for new updates and releases to other platforms in US and Globally.

Fight with players online! Craft your own weapon and wear armor! Get resourses for your needs and mine! Build your own shelter to survive the nights!

Get 4 types of Wood and craft different blocks! Now you can craft Cauldron, Glass, Glass Pane, Fences, Fence Gates, Iron Bars, and more! 

We have added flowing water and lava! Craft Empty Bucket and use flowing water or lava! 

We have added PORTALS! Teleport through 15 different Spawn Zones and explore new worlds! 

Please give us your feedback in the comments below! 

Screenshots from Survival Multiplayer Mode

Watch Promo Video to v3.0 below


• Play Survival Multiplayer Mode on the single infinite Planet
• Craft weapons and armor to protect yourself. 
• Find resources and build your shelter from cubes
• Added Flowing Water and Lava
• Added Crafting Recipes
• Teleport to nearby villages using Portals to navigate faster in the infinite world
• Creative Multiplayer Mode to satisfy all of your creative needs
• Rent your own areas ( CHUNKS ) in Creative mode
• Endless amount of beautiful buildings and places made of cubes to explore
• Teleport to any place in Creative mode using MAP
• Chat with other players real time in color 
• Unlimited amount of players worldwide
• More than 160+ player skins available


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