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To upload the map to Multiplayer, please follow this steps:

I. You can upload maps through Multiplayer Mode.

1.1. Open Multiplayer Mode and click on "Upload" button.

1.2. Enter the map's name, enter the password (if you want to make the map with password), choose the map from the selection, tick a read-only box (if you want to make the read-only map)!

1.3. Enter the map's name, and enter the password (if you want to make the map with password).

1.4. Select the map from the selection (from your Single Play Mode)!

1.5.Tick the read-only box (if you want to make the read-only map).

1.6. Search the uploaded map in Multiplayer by clicking on "Search" button.

II. You can upload maps through SinglePlay Mode.

2.1. Click on "Upload Online" button.

2.2. Follow all steps from 1.2 to 1.6 above.

Hope this post was helpful for you! Leave your comments below! :)

To protect your own maps in Multiplayer, please read this thread: How to protect maps in Multiplayer?


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Really useful feature, to protect kids!

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Thanks for help!

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