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I've hardly seen people on these days and there seems to be fewer and fewer users every week. Most active players I encounter speak Spanish as a first language and that makes me wonder what the advertising for WOC is like these days. I originally found this game because of an ad and have been playing it ever since. Though it seems that there are hardly any new players and the majority of people I run into have been playing WOC for awhile.

Is there currently any advertising in place to bring in new users? 

I know I've paid for coins for skins so I assume this game is making some money from its users. But if it wants to continue doing so doesn't it need to be bringing new users in? Like I get that advertising is a risk-reward system, but people are always looking for a simple multiplayer Minecraft like app. With Minecraft making a huge comeback I think now would be a great opportunity to be letting people know about this app to draw in potential customers. 

This app appeals to a wide demographic and has a building and roleplay community that you can let people know about. 

I really hope this game doesn't fade into obscurity as there are so many wonderful builds for people to check out and so much potential.