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Hey all! 

Please vote here : http://woc.solverlabs.com/content/do-you-world-cubes-v25

and please give us a feedback to v2.5 in the comments below! 


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Well...Can you re-add baby animal models for the game (currently they look the same as the adults just smaller),also I actually expected zombie skin 3 to be female zombie,and now I'm slightly disappointed...so now can you also add mobs,female zombie,female pumpkin head,male baby zombie,female baby zombie,male baby pumpkin head,and female baby pumpkin head? Female zombies/pumpkin head versions will have very similar 3 skins to the current/male skins,but they are female,and such,and baby versions,will be smaller versions of their adult version of mob and gender.also add flint,bows,arrows,water,lava,saplings,more crops,dye,bonemeal,bones,and bone shards.

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And I thought up some interesting,easy ways to add the list of items at the bottom of my reply...