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Hey all, today we have received very cool suggestions fromĀ PRAVEEN (read below). Please tell us what do you think about these ideas?

"These are following thing i would like to see it your game:- 1)If there could be some realm or clan of four or five division (each with unique advantage) that would be awesome 2)Could include weekly clan battle between different division 3)Could include monster pet(each player could pet one one pet which can found while exploring or capture opponents pet while battle) 4)Could include partner system during matches(War should be in ancient building) 5)Every player should be alotted with plot for building home in clan area 6)Division could be like mage and witch, forest heros, wild hunter, Demons etc.. I AM SURE THIS IS WHAT WORLD LIKES TO PLAY AND MAKING IT UNIQUE FROM MINECRAFT "

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I like this idea. Game will be more varied with these opportunities.