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Hey crafters!

Have you already installed new version of the game? Have you already tried new texture packs?

I love new textures! Modern is so bright and cool, 3d realistic graphic will bring you to the atmosphere of nowadays, blocks have modern design, look on such blocks as bed, furnace, chest etc.!

Technology texture pack is darker then Modern Texture Pack. I can say that this is also modern texture pack, but it has technology details like chips, electricity etc.!

Check the difference between new texture packs on the screenshots below! And upload new update and check it in 3d online worlds! :)

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Cant wait for the ios texture pack update to try them all out on my levels!

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Awesome! :o I love the new textures, gives a different feel to gameplay and a nicer atmosphere, hope you keep making amazing textures like this! Smile

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Yeah! We will add more cool texture packs :) Next is tron ;)