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Hey all!

After you updated World of Cubes on your iOS devices, you can find some issue - that you can't edit your own worlds in Multiplayer!

This is iOS technical problem! After you update any game on Apple device, your device is obtaining new Apple ID! Thats why you can't edit your read only worlds in Multiplayer as your Apple ID has been changed after game update!

We will fix it in the new game update! But if you want to return ownership under your world in Multiplayer more faster (before update with bug fixes), i can help you! Please message me, if you want to fix it now! I will delete your world from Multiplayer, and then you can upload it again from your Singleplayer to Multiplayer - and of course then i will restore the rating of your worlds!

P.S. All android users will not have this problem! This problem has happened only on Apple devices!