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Hey all!

We have choosen Best Map of July, 2016 - FamilyBeach! This world is on summer theme: beach, ships, hotels, summer houses! Check it out on Multiplayer! Explore FamilyBeach world and role play here with others!

We have added 100 000+ rating to this world in Multiplayer! Author of the world: Unknown!  

Watch video overview of FamilyBeach world below.

Remember: If you have cool worlds in Multiplayer, please post their names to our Forum Here.
Best worlds will be reviewed on our Channel, and we will add 100 000+ rating to the world in Multiplayer, and 500 coins to the author of the world! 


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Trailer is just amazing, oh my gosh 

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Thanks! :)

Raúl Pérez
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Olga wrote: Thanks! :)

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soooooo coool