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Amazing Xmas 2018 and New Year 2019 Update! Get it now and enjoy all new features during festive season! 

-Added Christmas Skin pack! Enjoy brand new skins during festive season! 
-Added animals taming. Now you can tame wolf and ocelot!
-Added BOW and arrows. Now you can survive easier! 
-Added TNT and ability to explode it with flint and steel! 
-Added Fence and Fence Gate Blocks
-Added Apple item – randomly falls out of trees
-Added new food items: Beetroot, Bowl, CocoaBeans, RawMutton, ClownFish
-Improved horizontal movement during flight mode in Creative Multiplayer
-Added localization to Ukrainian, French, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean

Added a lot of NEW mobs:
-Ocelot kitten
-Zombie Baby
-Wolf Baby
-Zombie Pigman
-Zombie Pigman Baby
-Magma Cube
-Camel for desert biomes
-Camel baby for desert biomes
-Scorpion for desert biomes 
-Goat for desert biomes
-Goatling for desert biomes
-Ostrich for desert biomes
-Ostrich Baby for desert biomes

Added many new Food Recipes: 
-Beetroot soup
-Pumpkin Pie
-Rabbit Stew 
-Cooked Rabbit
-Cooked Clown Fish
-Cooked Mutton

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Wait a sec... Really?! :D This is great!

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hello there! can you make a setting in which we can access a creative mode with infinite map? thanks! 

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this update was long over do