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In loveIn loveIn love this comment makes my month, been wanting gates for ever :3

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Im a online map maker and it sucks having those 2 second delays in every block you break. But one good thing is it makes you make less mistakes.

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I suggest if we can have like our own account on woc so that we can still build on our world even if we switch devices or accidentally uninstall woc. I'm really embarassed on asking the admin to reupload my world because I feel like bothering them too much when I manage my world so...

I also suggest if boys can have "Pro Skins" ... because girl skins looks really cool and most of male skins kinda look childish for a teenager like me...

BlueTangs Rock2
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Looking back on these forums,and it appears I was arguing about some skins. Also Sin,I agree with you 100%

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In creative mode, when you try to break a block it immediately disappears instead of the two second delay.

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In-game background music ??

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Will there be a multiplayer survival mode for woc soon? I tried out the poc one and I like it in a way but it's really laggy and glitchy. 


Some suggestions my husband, daughter and I came up with for woc is:

·Make it to where in survival you can bring others in that you want to bring in (that reduces the glitch factor and crashing also the x rated talk in chats)

Ill post the others when we can remember them Checky haven't had my coffee yet.

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World of cubes seems to have very little monster mobs I suggest adding some more like the skelton but a diffrent design and add the bow as a crafting reciepe, Maybe add potions and witches in the game, and simialar to minecraft add some sort of AI communties around like towns or something, plus In Planet of cubes they have mysterious randomly generated abandoned buildings add these, Updating crafting tables and adding fence gates and many other available things to create would be nice. More Monster mobs could include Goblins, Werewolves, and Vampires, and maybe the ability to turn into a Werewolf or Vampire? Also adding a sort of realm like the Nether would be interesting, saddles for horses, and a way to name creatures, and make sure they don't un-spawn. I love the idea of adding another mystical biome where you may find other rare mobs, plants, tools, and weapons, and maybe bosses in that biome, I suggest like a forest biome, also add pet dogs/wolves and cats that you can tame, I know there are already versions of this in the game but you can't tame them.



P.S. Please tell me what you think I love to hear all about your opinions, If I have any ideas I'll let you know.

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Another good Idea is to add baby mobs its just plain freaky when two adult mobs have an adult mob :/

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Well, I had always imagined there being... idk... Mountians and also being able to ride horses. and fence doors... what ever 

they r called.