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World of cubes is my 2nd favrite community and building game,I actually love it more than mine craft,I played when I was 8 old world of cubes was awesome Too! I had so much fun with survival and building online with friends,so far so good cannot wait for updates! 


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Thank you very much for your nice words techtashbeat!

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This isn't Minecraft........ It's far better, the staff are supportive and respect others opinions, the gameplay is smooth and relaxing and there's minimal hassle with switching servers etc, in my opinion, Minecraft vs World of Cubes, World of Cubes wins! :) 5 stars * * * * * (and I think multiplayer survival will make it even better because you can slay some monsters with your friends. ^_^)

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Thank you very much Kieranb for the positive feedback to the game!In love